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    Watch for the Red Kettles this holiday season

    On occasion I like to shine the light on ministries that are doing good around the world. Once such church/charity is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in London, England by Methodist Reform minister William Booth (and his wife, Catherine). Initially the Salvation Army was...


    Finding shared connections: The Bible has ‘hyperlinks’

    I believe that every text, in both the Hebrew Scripture and Apostolic Scripture, has at least one other text with which it shares a connection. Often we read the Bible flat and only skim the surface, not realizing that the Biblical text has “hyperlinks” to other parts of the Bible ...


    A miraculous translation of an ancient scriptural text

    To allay misconceptions, let me explain that the Bible used by Mormons is the most respected Bible in the English-speaking world. It was commissioned by King James of England and published 403 years ago. Yes, the King James Bible is the Bible edition that English-speaking members of The Church of...


    Ninth of Av a famous day in Jewish history

    Within the Hebrew Scripture (OT) there are three primary markers of calendar time.


    Investigating the ‘400 silent years’

    As most Christians and Jews are aware, there are two “sides” to the Bible. The first side is the Hebrew Scripture, or Old Testament, and the second is the Apostolic Scripture, or New Testament.