A unique traffic jam downtown

Parade of microcars toured through Gig Harbor Saturday

Staff writerJuly 16, 2014 

It wasn’t the type of backup at the Harborview intersection normally seen in Gig Harbor.

Over the weekend, microcars from all across the country drove down Harborview Drive as part of a three-day convention at the LeMay Museum. The convention featured the whimsical, practical and curious cars that turned more than a few heads while puttering through.

Most of the participants drove micros from the 1950s and 1960s. The microcar came to prominence in1950s when trouble in the Suez made fuel scarce.

“They’re just the cutest little things you’ve ever seen,” said John Windh, who helped set up the show and tour.

At the intersection of Pioneer Way and Harborview Drive, the cars honked and waved on the way through.

The Great Pacific Northwest National MicroCar Xtravaganza brought together about 80 vehicles, Windh said. It was sponsored by Fiat of Tacoma.

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