Bill makes government records not available

Tacoma News TribuneJuly 16, 2014 

The Washington State Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act (Freedom of Information on the state level) ensure that Gig Harbor government decisions and records are made available to you. You have a right to know what your government is doing in your neighborhood, school, city, county and in Olympia.

Except ... Gordon Thompson Honeywell Governmental Affairs, who is Gig Harbor’s lobby firm in Olympia, has stated that Olympia legislators will be spending about $300,000 to $500,000 of the public’s money to pass House Bill 1128, or similar, in 2015.

HB 1128 says the city of Gig Harbor would not have to make public records available to the public. Gig Harbor could file an injunction and the public would have to go to court to receive public information. C4GH used public information request for information on Poop in the Park, $180,000 for a second City Administrator, downtown Developer Agreements.

The Gig Harbor City Council, notorious for not sending out notifications on public meetings, would not have to make available to the public detailed information on what happens in those “public” meetings or supply other answers to your questions.

Among sponsors of this bill are Jan Angel and Larry Seaquist. Why do you think they refuse to state how they will vote on this bill, should it come before them, in 2015? Jesse Young refuses to answer this question. Judy Arbogast for State Senate and Nathan Schleicher, who’s running for Washington State Representative, will not vote for this bill.


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