Gig Harbor native brings fire to tabletops

High-grade aluminum separates tables from competitors

Staff writerJuly 9, 2014 

Pacific Fire Tables, LLC owner Bryce Pollan stands next to one of his company’s fire tables. The business officially opened in January.


As Bryce Pollan was busy fixing fireplace tables that had worn down due to the various elements of the Pacific Northwest seasons, he saw a business opportunity.

“They were built from sheet metal, which is more fitting for down south,” Pollan said. “Up here in the Pacific Northwest, everything rusts and falls apart. I spent a lot of time fixing people’s mistakes and problems.”

That drove Pollan, 32, with the help of investors, to create Pacific Fire Tables LLC, a company that specializes in creating durable fire tables. The company officially opened for business in January 2014. While its currently based out of Tacoma, Pollan is a Gig Harbor resident who wants to build a storefront in Gig Harbor if the business continues to grow.

“We’re still looking for a space,” Pollan said. “We are looking for a space that will fit our needs and meet our budget.”

The fire tables are used as a furniture piece to lounge around when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly. The business uses 5052 aluminum for all the fire tables, a high-grade aluminum.

“It will never rust, erode or break down,” Pollan said.

There are three stock models—each with a $1,600 price tag—that the company builds. There’s a tall “barista” model, with a surface which measures 36 x 36 inches and is 44 inches tall; a “dining” model, which is 48 x 48 and 30 inches tall; and a “coffee table” model, Pollan’s favorite, which is 30 x 48 and 20 inches tall. The models come in a variety of colors as well, and while the most popular color is black, there are more flamboyant options as well.

“You could do lime green or hot pink if you wanted,” Pollan said. “We’ve had someone order turquoise.”

The fire tables are designed to conceal a propane tank or be connected to a gas line.

While Pollan waits to open a store and expand the business, he’s displaying some of his tables at the weekly Farmers Market and the Peninsula Gardens site. The company does on-site demos if the client wants, so they can see what the model would look like with their actual furniture. Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the website at to place orders and check out what the company has to offer.

Pollan is excited for what the future may hold in Gig Harbor. He graduated from Peninsula High School in 2001, and is currently raising his three kids in Gig Harbor with his wife, Erica.

“This is my home; I love this place,” Pollan said. “It’s a tight-knit community. Hopefully, my kids will stay here as well.”

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