Redistricting not a solution for overcrowded schools

July 9, 2014 

I am a local business owner, a citizen who lives in Gig Harbor, and a member of the Redistricting Committee for the Peninsula School District. As a business owner, I question government inefficiency all the time. However, PSD runs more efficiently than any other form of government I have seen. We have the lowest taxes in the area and haven’t asked for a new school in 22 years. The tax increase will be the equivalent of one extra trip to Costco per year. We cannot punish our community for the frustration we feel in other areas of government.

As a citizen of Gig Harbor, I feel our community believes in the Pay It Forward concept. We receive from the community and then give back in kind. The money that goes to the school district goes directly into the community of Gig Harbor. In return, our community helps our senior citizens and buys goods at local businesses and our homes retain high property values. Our community has come together and we should feel proud. The Citizens for Responsible Spending agree with me and approve the bond.

Working on the redistricting committee also showed me that redistricting is not a solution. In essence, we are only spreading the mess around. The numbers are in. There is sustained growth that redistricting cannot fix.

Ironically, we voters are becoming the most inefficient part of government. In delaying the vote, we are only driving up our costs later when we inevitably build this school. Vote Yes twice.

Margaret Sonnen

Gig Harbor

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