Inaccurate construction costs reports harm voter conceptions

July 2, 2014 

Dan White’s numbers don’t add up.

In his letter (The Gateway, June 25), Dan quotes a per-square-foot construction cost of $177. This does not take into account professional fees, sales taxes, moving and storage, traffic mitigation, required artwork, etc. These add almost 50 percent more on top of the cost of actual construction. According to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website ( the average cost for Puget Sound elementary schools approved in 2013 was about $326 per-square-foot. When both measures pass, our construction will start in 2015 so we have two years worth of inflation to consider as well.

He also overstates the total cost by $2.5 million.

Please don’t be fooled by someone quoting incorrect numbers who is trying to block a desperately needed project in the guise of fiscal responsibility. Vote yes for BOTH Prop 1 and 2.

Carter Harbaugh

Gig Harbor

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