Bond, levy passage is investment in students

July 2, 2014 

I am writing to urge our community to support the Peninsula School District’s levy and bond on August 5. I have had the opportunity to volunteer and substitute this past year in Peninsula schools and have been extremely impressed with the students, families and staff who work hard with limited resources. Everyone from grounds staff to office staff, teachers and administrators, as well as the PTA’s strive to provide a quality education for students.

Yet our schools cannot continue to provide this excellent education without additional funding. Artondale must be rebuilt due to severe structural, electrical and ventilation problems. It’s imperative that we build another elementary school because our elementaries are overcrowded and portables have reduced playground space. District-wide, computer systems need updating and security is a concern. As one principal stated, “It’s so vital that we pass this levy and bond to keep up the investment in Peninsula’s facilities — just like we would with our homes.”

Our community gives great support to parks and museums. We need to give this same support to our children. We need to let students know that we care about them and their education by providing adequate space, secure facilities and well-maintained schools. Peninsula schools have worked to build trust and financial transparency. Please, let’s all do our part and VOTE YES TWICE to support students on August 5. Thank you.

Joan Storkman

Gig Harbor

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