Jan Angel offers practical solutions to solving problems

June 25, 2014 

With the upcoming primary rapidly approaching, our family is supporting Jan Angel. Jan has proven to be an effective leader in both the house and the Senate.

For example, Jan prime sponsored HB 2268, a bill that required financial literacy as a high school graduation requirement. What parent doesn’t want their child to be financially literate? What a difference that can make in your child’s future and in yours.

Just think, maybe you won’t have to come up with those emergency loans to your child because they will have a firm understanding of how to manage their money. That could mean more money in your pocket, and Jan would help to ensure that it stays there rather than in the government coffers.

Jan also has a grasp of practical solutions. SB 5996 would allow those seeking cosmetology licenses to be able to learn some of their material online. This would pertain to academics related to cosmetology, not the physical cosmetology practices. This bill really helps those seeking a cosmetology license to use their time more wisely and spend more time with their families.

These are just two examples of Jan’s common sense approach to solving problems. Let’s all use common sense and re-elect Jan to the Senate.

Randa Money

Gig Harbor

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