A parade of past, present; old, young

The annual Maritime Gig Festival kicked off with a parade through downtown that brought all facets of the city and Sound together

Staff writerJune 11, 2014 

The Maritime Gig brought an assortment of spectators, that’s why Elizabeth I, Queen of England, decided to check it out.

“I understand this is a wonderful festival today, so we are following this great crowd of people,” the bygone monarch said. Well, not exactly. Elizabeth Tudor and her court represented the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. The costumed, in-character group joined other parade participants like pirates, pioneers and politicians.

The Maritime Gig parade started the two-day festival celebrating the heritage of Gig Harbor. The YO HO Harbor grand parade sauntered down Harborview Drive.

On the back of a truck, girls dressed as the cast of Disney’s “Frozen.” It’s the theme that 5678 Dance Studio went for this year. Dancers Lauren Trivette, 11, and Skylin Lester, 13, dangled their feet over the edge of the truck while waiting for their turn in the parade.

Trivette and Lester said that the exposure for the small dance studio is exciting.

“We get to show people what we can do,” Lester said.

Paradise Theatre went all out with a float promoting “Shrek! The Musical,” its latest production. The musical opens June 20 and runs until July 6. The float featured the star himself, Shrek, in full ogre makeup.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints participated in its first Maritime Gig parade, drawing on the past for a theme. Dressed from a bygone era, the group marched in the parade like forefathers on the Mormon Trail in the 1840s.

“We hope to do different themes,” said Cheri Himmer, a member of the group.

The parade centered around a pirate theme, but each float and performer went a unique direction. The usual parade favorites, marching bands, were well represented. Along Harborview and Burnham, Peninsula Seahawks cheerleaders on the side of the route danced to the sound of the Gig Harbor High School Tide Pride band.

It was a time to celebrate all that the maritime area has to offer, but also, as the ballerina Trivette said, “parades are just fun.”

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