Planning is required to address present traffic problems

May 28, 2014 

Who would have ever guessed that the city of Gig Harbor would discover the secret to perpetual motion? Once again the city has given the nod to another grand enterprise on Point Fosdick Dr. NW, a new Fred Meyer. With this new Fred Meyer store come new revenue and traffic problems that can be addressed with new roads, and more traffic which in turn promotes new growth which will require ... well, you get the point.

This move also means that all major shopping will be on the west side of Hwy 16 with egress/ingress across an already clogged Olympic overpass. The planner’s remedy for this additional traffic is to require developers make 32nd Ave. a thru road with no apparent relief for those traveling over from the east side of Hwy 16.

Those of us who live on the east side can either fight the traffic or travel to North Gig Harbor and clog the already clogged roundabouts.

City planners recently held an open house on the future of Gig Harbor. This is part of a comprehensive plan required by the Washington State Growth Management projecting growth plans to 2030. Long term planning is very important, but portions need moving to the forefront and traffic problems addressed that are at hand today, not those 15 years down the road.

Another possible short term plan is to have the city take a deep breath and slow down this whole boomtown thing.


Gig Harbor

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