Prepared, excited for the next chapter

May 28, 2014 

When I started working as a freelance sports reporter for The News Tribune about seven years ago, I knew hardly anything about Gig Harbor and its surrounding area — except for that fact it was on the other side of the Narrows Bridge.

But as my high school sports assignments brought me into the community more and more often, I quickly learned a few facts that remain true to this day: Gig Harbor High School can really crank out the distance runners, both Gig Harbor and Peninsula High School feature students and parents who love club and high school swimming, and I’m convinced Gig Harbor swim coach Mike Kelly knows just about everything there is to know about swimming.

The high school reporting experience provided a great introductory course to Gig Harbor, and now I’m ready take the next step as the editor for The Peninsula Gateway.

My previous position — in addition to freelance reporter for the TNT — as a reporter and editor for a local military newspaper, allowed me to cover some amazing assignments. I did everything from shadowing airmen and pilots at McChord Field on training missions to experiencing life on the simulated front line with soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I also helped tell the stories of local support agencies and military spouses back home who are just as involved — and emotionally bonded — in the mission.

My career experiences have given me a well-rounded overall perspective of what is compelling journalism, both on the national and local level.

I’m excited for the opportunity to get out into the community and meet the people who work hard to make their community great. I want to help this newspaper continue to be the No. 1 source for telling those great stories — as well as maintaining our reputation as the most trusted source for news on the Key Peninsula.

On the personal side, I’m a huge sports fan who is constantly in search of finding that sweet spot of fandom where one is getting enough highlights and watching enough games to satisfy the hunger without disrupting the ever-so-important family dynamic that comes with having a seven-year-old daughter and 10-month-old twin boys — not to mention a hard-working spouse who keeps everything running smoothly.

Advice? Recommendations? My door is always open. My email is and I’m on Twitter: @gateway_Tyler.

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