Limiting marijuana sales in Gig Harbor makes little sense

May 21, 2014 

I am a retiree living on Fox Island. I am disheartened to read of the roadblocks being thrown in the way of legitimate marijuana retailers who are trying to set up shop following state guidelines. In particular, the school board appears to be stepping beyond its mandate to educate our youth, using arguments to limit marijuana sales to the general public that make little sense in light of the relatively benign nature of marijuana compared to alcohol. Take board member Matt Wilson’s statement and substitute “alcohol” for marijuana. It would read: “In my family, drug abuse, alcohol use in particular, has been one of the things that some of my family members have struggled with. The idea that our city would think of it as a good idea to be part of this ... is appalling.”

Alcohol use and abuse is a much more serious problem among our youth (and society in general) than is marijuana use. Yet alcohol can be purchased widely and easily. I have no interest in using marijuana, but realize that the voters of this state have asked that it be available to adults. So let’s stop making it so difficult for business people to open marijuana retail stores.


Fox Island

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