Gig Harbor High sophomore shines in victory over Stadium

Tides sophomore Hunter Olsen scores five goals against Tigers

Staff writerMay 14, 2014 

TACOMA — It hasn’t been a dream season for Gig Harbor lacrosse. After the Harbor Fire lacrosse club was forced to split into two, with new teams representing Gig Harbor and Peninsula high schools, the Tides were also bumped up to Division 1. While the Tides (4-7) haven’t won a ton of games, they’ve been competitive. To their credit, they’re still fighting, and their efforts were rewarded Thursday night with an 11-6 win over the Tigers at Stadium Bowl.

“The wins have been far and few this year, so it was outstanding,” said Gig Harbor head coach Marc Kemp. “And this is a quality team, so we’re very excited about that. Our guys just played like an entirely different club today. They were running harder, they were making great passes, they just looked exceptional today. Everybody, all the way around. It was fun to watch.”

The Tides were led by sophomore Hunter Olsen, who scored five goals. Olsen exploited the porous Stadium defense throughout the entire game.

“The guy that was on me was slower than I was used to, so I was able to beat him around the crease,” Olsen said. “I scored like three goals just by beating him around the crease like that. I just like to score a few goals and get into a groove and keep scoring.”

Kemp said he was pleased to see Olsen flourish in Thursday night’s game. He has been waiting for this type of breakout performance from the young player.

“Hunter was big,” Kemp said. “Everybody came up big today. He’s got a lot of potential. This is kind of what we expect from him, and this is one of the first games he put it on.”

The Tides will only graduate three seniors this year. The roster is full of freshmen and sophomores, so the future looks bright for the Gig Harbor squad. Kemp said he doesn’t place too much value on wins and losses during the team’s first season.

“It’s been rough,” Kemp said. “It’s been really rough. But we’ve had some really competitive games against Peninsula and Bellarmine, and against the Tigers. I sort of measure it that way. The other guys we’ve been asked to play against this year are just way out of our current ability level. It’s nice when we go against someone that we’re competitive with and get the win.”

Olsen said he believes the team will continue to improve in coming years as the program grows and players develop.

“I think it’s only going to get better,” Olsen said. “We have a lot of young players, we only have three graduating players this year. So I think we’re going to be even better the next two to three years. We’ll just keep getting better. So far this year, we’ve done pretty good for what we have, splitting into two teams.”

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