Pro-bond, pro-levy group holds rally at Galaxy Theatre

Stand Up For Schools held its rally Saturday morning

Staff writerMay 14, 2014 

Stand Up for Schools, an organization promoting yes votes on two propositions put forth by the Peninsula School District on the August ballot, held a kick-off rally Saturday at the Galaxy Theatre in Uptown.

The group’s motto is “vote yes twice.” The rally served as a venue to sign up volunteers, distribute T-shirts and collect donations.

By law, the school district cannot fund campaigns.

Still, district employees and school board members attended the rally. School board President Harlan Gallinger, and members David Olson and Rand Wilhelmsen were in attendance. Wendy Wojtanowicz and Matt Wilkinson were not there.

Former State Senator Nathan Schlicher spoke to the crowd. He brought along his children, saying that he cares about their future and wants them in safe schools.

Schlicher stressed the importance of face-to-face campaigning.

District Superintendent Chuck Cuzzetto gave a short presentation on the bond and levy projects. It was a cribbed version of one he’s been giving in schools. That version is 78 slides long and is available on the district website at

Cuzzetto explained that, in the view of the district, the best option is two yes votes. Should the bond pass, the levy will be reduced to $2 million for technology needs only. The $60 million bond will pay for capital upgrades.

In the project list is a new building for Artondale Elementary, a new school in Gig Harbor North, field upgrades, upgrades to Key Peninsula Middle School, security system improvements and technology improvements.

Two propositions means two oppositions.

Citizens for Responsible School Spending will submit a statement against the levy campaign. Jerry Gibbs said the group does not support any type of capital levy. The group does, however, support the capital bond.

A statement against the bond will be written by Randy Boss. He is not associated with the Citizens for Responsible School Spending, Gibbs said.

Boss feels the district has not been smart with funds in the past.

For now, before for and against statements are submitted, the Stand Up For Schools group is happy to get things going.

Shawna De La Rosa, spokesperson for Stand Up For Schools, said the rally was a big success. The point is mainly to get supporters fired up about spreading the word.

“I think this has really built momentum,” she said. “It is exciting and encouraging.”

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