Crossfit Gig Harbor qualifies for regional fitness competition

Top 30 teams from the region will compete at the ShoWare Center in Kent over the weekend

Staff writerMay 7, 2014 

From left to right: Trevor Ryan, Jennifer Wilt, Mike Bellerive, Melissa Reese, Alicia Bowman and Pat French will be competing in the regional Crossfit competition in Kent this weekend.


Crossfit Gig Harbor is taking their success to the next level. Eight of the gym’s members—four men and four women, as well as two alternates—will be competing at a national Crossfit competition next weekend, May 16-18, at the ShoWare Center in Kent. Crossfit, Inc. is a national fitness company promoted as a physical exercise program and also a competitive sport. Clients participate in various workouts, such as weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, gymnastics and more.

Since the gym opened five years ago, on Hunt Street and Wollochet Drive, its mission has remained the same.

“We’re just happy to be providing strength to a whole community of athletes,” said David Herron, the owner and founder of the gym. “We’re proud to serve.”

Herron said the gym is “bare-bones,” essentially a garage turned into a workout space.

“Through the last five years, we’ve been able to turn it into a factory for helping people find their best selves and finding strength in their bodies and hearts,” Herron said. “It’s no nonsense training.”

Mostly anyone is able to join, if they wish. The gym has several coaches and hosts 10 full classes a day. The price varies depending on the package, depending on the level of training and individual attention the client desires.

“What we like to do is get someone in, figure out their goals, figure out what level of coaching and what type of class they want,” said Mike Bellerive, one of the gym’s coaches. “Price will depend on that.”

The gym has classes for middle nd high school students, as well as adults of all ages. The teenagers are generally split up into two groups: Junior Varsity and Varsity. The JV group is usually middle schoolers and high school underclassmen, while the Varsity group is high school upperclassmen.

“Most are competing in some type of sport and using Crossfit to supplement that,” Bellerive said.

Clients in a class generally train around four days a week, and on Saturdays, come together for a group class. Workouts last about an hour and fifteen minutes, including warm up, work out and cool down. The goal of the workouts is to keep the body guessing.

“What we really go for is to keep it constantly varied, we combine several different disciplines: weight lifting, gymnastics, body weight movement,” Bellerive said. “Nothing we do is brand new, just a combination of a lot of things in a really effective way that gets results for people.”

The three-day competition at the ShoWare Center includes eight different competitions. To get here, the Gig Harbor team had to place in the top 30 regionally in Crossfit’s five-week competition, which is called “The Open.” The scores are accumulated online and the top 30 advance to regionals. The top three teams from the regional competition over the weekend will advance to the Crossfit Games in Carson, Calif., where they are pitted up against the world’s best. The Crossfit Games are televised on the ESPN family of networks.

Bellerive said placing in the top three may be a bit of a long shot, but if they fall short, it certainly won’t be from lack of effort.

“We’re gonna give it hell and give it all we’ve got and see what happens,” Bellerive said.

Bellerive said his proud of his team and the progress they’ve made.

“It’s been a couple months of really hard training by our team and everybody in our gym, we’ve got a ton of support from the folks in our gym,” Bellerive said. “It’s a great community and we’re having a great time with it.”

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