Why doesn’t Gig Harbor have a fuel dock?

May 7, 2014 

Last year Citizens for the Preservation of Gig Harbor approached then, council member now mayor, Jill Guernsey asking for better public notification. Specifically we thought agendas for two council meetings needed to be posted in the newspaper as public notification. Guernsey said no, it was too expensive.

Ask Gig Harbor citizens what is needed downtown and you will consistently hear a grocery store and fuel dock.

April 28, the Gig Harbor City Council rejected a resolution to apply for a Washington State Boating Infrastructure Grant, BIG, for a fuel dock in Gig Harbor. Item nine on the application is a public comment opportunity. There had been no public notification and therefore no public comment. Gig Harbor could not submit an application for the grant knowing there had been no public comment opportunity.

This application was due in May. The next time to apply for this “BIG” grant will be in 2016, Notification to be in 2017, building to take approximately two years. If using a “BIG” grant perhaps Gig Harbor could have a fuel dock in 2019 or 2020.

The Mayor and City Council will try to blame others for yet another debacle. If there was a proper notification ad in the newspaper agendas of two council meetings ahead there would have been time for public noticing and time for answers to questions. Gig Harbor could have been on the path to a fuel dock.

Instead we have a Mayor with a full time job who has known about this fuel dock proposal since January 2014.


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