We don’t need a new school bond — we need a new school board

May 7, 2014 

During the past 12 years our school district has been the recipient of $930,944,882 (almost a billion dollars) in tax payer money. $183,975,712 of those dollars came from our personal investments into this school district through voter approved Maintenance and Operations, M&O, levies. Unfortunately the school board diverted over 88 percent of those M&O dollars away from maintenance, resulting in an annual average maintenance investment of only $126,604 to each of the 15 facilities.

Since the 2004-05 school year the student population has fallen to 545 students. So how is it this year we are suddenly “overcrowded” and need a new school in Gig Harbor North? The truth is the School Board doesn’t know. After the levy defeat last November they are now finally starting a redistricting study but they won’t have any answers by the time you vote. Does it make any sense that they are asking you to vote yes for a new $25 million school before they receive the study results?

Instead of providing needed maintenance to our facilities, so they remain viable, enhancing security in the wake of school shootings around the country, the board opted to use their new definition of M&O dollars to “maintain programs” instead of maintaining buildings and already spent $4 million on land that may be in the wrong place on which to build a new school we may not need with money they don’t have!

We don’t need a new BOND – We need a new BOARD!


Gig Harbor

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