Conor Scanlan

Gig Harbor High senior is star athlete, top academic and leader with passion to make a difference

May 7, 2014 

Conor Scanlan could barely walk when he got his start as an athlete hitting T-ball. Encouraged by parents to pursue sports, he hasn’t stopped since and has played several of them at once.

After playing select soccer for many years, Scanlan switched in middle school to football. In high school, he has also pursued baseball and basketball.

Football is his favorite sport, though it’s a close tie to baseball. “What I like the most about football is that you’re relying on your teammates. You have to trust everyone involved,” he said.

Being voted team captain was a high honor for Scanlan and he considers that a highlight of his athletic career. “My teammates voted that I’d be a good leader. They put faith in me and I backed it up by having a good year,” he said.

Scanlan has maintained excellent grades while playing multiple sports and acknowledges it wasn’t easy. On days when he had games, he’d come home as late as midnight.

“I had to scramble to do homework. It was difficult in the classroom for me but I got better at time management,” he said.

Despite the already full schedule, he wanted to be involved with leadership activities at the school. This year, he was elected ASB president.

Leadership co-teacher Molly Pugh said Scanlan embraced his potential as a leader and worked hard to make the school a better place.

“He is dedicated to working with diverse groups of students, administrators and teachers to create the kind of welcoming and safe climate that is essential to both individual students’ success as well as the entire school community’s continued growth,” she said.

Scanlan said the best part of high school for him was hearing from others about the impact he’s made. “I really wanted to be able to make a change at my school,” he said. “People come up to me and say really nice things and it’s good to hear that they appreciate the kind of person I am.”

He had not decided on his career plans but one of Scanlan’s areas of interest is medicine.

“When I think of the hundreds of students I have had the honor of teaching, a handful always rise to the surface,” Pugh said. “Conor Scanlan is one of those rare students who taught me as much about myself and what I want my life to be as I could have possibly taught him.”

Conor Scanlan

Category: Athletics

Education: Senior, Gig Harbor High School

GPA: 3.61

Parents: Catherine and Sean Scanlan

Activities/achievements: Football Scholar Athlete, team captain, Most Improved, First Team All-League nominee; baseball captain; basketball; volunteer for Tacoma Rescue Mission, Little League, Muscular Dystrophy Association; PYF coaching; GHHS football coach assistant at youth camp; ASB president

Favorite teacher: Molly Pugh, leadership, “Was helpful as a teacher and mentor. I’ve had many great teachers and Mrs. Pugh is at the top of the list.”

Best thing about high school: “Our school demonstrates a strong interest in helping the community through volunteerism and meaningful senior projects.”

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