Voting ‘yes’ twice on Aug. 5 makes sense

April 30, 2014 

As a retired elementary teacher, I have attended multiple Peninsula School District board meetings in the past five months. I wanted to gain a clearer picture of what was needed to create healthy environments for our students as well as provide excellent instruction areas for math and science.

I know how difficult it is to teach in an overcrowded school building. Specialists, lunch and recess times must be shortened. Science and computer tables get moved out to fit in desks. Teachers feel stretched to get to every child before the day ends. Just to name a few frustrations.

After reviewing the distict’s needs and possible funding plans, there is no doubt in my mind that voting “yes” for the bond and levy is the best solution for all. The passing of a $60 million bond will build two elementary schools, modernize Key Peninsula Middle School, upgrade middle school science rooms and fix fields. With the passing of the bond, the levy then converts to a $2 million technology levy.

I like this package because it meets the needs of the school district and keeps the assessment under $1 per $1,000 of assessed home value. Voting “yes” twice on Aug. 5 makes sense.


Gig Harbor

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