Shedding tears for a death that didn’t need to happen

April 30, 2014 

As I write this letter I wipe yet another tear. We lost our beautiful boy, Karl, last Friday, April 18.

Some of you may have actually seen him and not known his name. He was a very long-legged beautiful Weimaraner. Most attractive animal and was told so every day as we walked to the post office. I write this as a memorial as well as a warning for other dog owners to possibly spare them this heartache.

As a child, we had cows and I remember that they were ill and were diagnosed as having “bloat.” It was not something I thought dogs got. Well let me tell you that they do. That was the diagnosis for Karl. He was normal and fine at 5 o’clock and dead at 10. He ate supper, went for a walk (run through the mud) around the house to take care of business. He was fine. About 10 minutes later we prepared to leave. We called and he did not come. He was trying to throw up; he appeared to be in distress. We gave him something to relieve his stomach and he appeared to be better. Later that night he became worse and you could tell he was in great pain. We could no longer assume it was just something he ate. We loaded him up and headed to the emergency vet. He died in the driveway. My heart is truly broken. The most gentle, sweet spirited dog I have ever known. We will miss him so.

Please be aware of this if you own a dog with a deep barrel chest such as great Dane, German shepherd or Weimaraner. The list is much longer and there is a preventative surgery. Please read and check on this as it would relate to your pet. I wish I had known.

Tina Gano

Gig Harbor

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