Allie Cosmos

Gig Harbor High senior overcomes adversity to be a successful leader, plans to pursue business career

April 30, 2014 

Allie Cosmos is a top scholar and leader at Gig Harbor High whose contributions range from helping organize the prom and teacher appreciation week to co-founding a club for badminton enthusiasts. She has made leadership activities her secondary focus after academics.

“It’s something I believe strongly in, that as a student leader it’s my duty to help my school and make sure it’s the best school where everyone is comfortable.”

Her leadership class teacher, Kelly Indahl, said Cosmos is one of the strongest students in the class. “Any time I need help in class or want to talk out ideas, she is there to help with the most upbeat attitude in the class. Her heart combined with her drive to achieve success at high levels is commendable,” Indahl said. “In addition, she lifts others up for success on a daily basis.”

Cosmos said her positive attitude has helped her on numerous occasions. Since she was young, she has struggled with anxiety. Cosmos has worked diligently to overcome it and be successful despite her struggles.

“It rules my life and it’s crippling. For a while I believed I deserved it even though it’s just something my brain has,” she said. “It’s taken a long time to realize it’s something I can’t control but I can work to overcome it. It’s an emotional journey.”

Though she doesn’t often talk publicly about her struggle, Cosmos said sharing her story helps build awareness and as her own ability to cope.

“Working with others who suffer from this disorder and sharing her journey has been a huge part in Allie overcoming the shame of having severe anxiety and OCD. ... Allie has risen above the norm to mentor others in the area,” said her mentor, Melissa Trauner. “Her quiet acknowledgement of her accomplishments is exceptionally humble for someone who has overcome great hardships.”

Cosmos credits the support of her family, friends and teachers with helping her overcome challenges and stay grounded. She feels the highlight of her high school experience has been the ability to stay focused on her goals and not give into peer pressure. “I haven’t lost sight of who I am and I have stayed true to myself,” she said.

Inspired by her entrepreneur father, Cosmos dreams of owning a business some day. She plans to attend community college for a year and then study business at Gonzaga University. Her goal is to obtain an MBA degree and work or travel overseas.

Allie Cosmos

Category: Overcoming adversity

Education: Senior, Gig Harbor High School

GPA: 3.75

Parents: Monica and Chris Cosmos

Activities/ achievements: tennis, ASB senior senator, prom committee, GHHS Badminton Society co-founder, Key Club, Reach/WAYS Club, drama, Gig Harbor View Basin Model Project, Nordstrom BP Fashion Board, Pro-Life Awareness, Seattle Brain Cancer Awareness

Favorite teacher: Patricia Van Dragt, English. “While instruction is direct and effective, it was her incredible support and dedication toward my education and comprehension of the subject that affected me most.”

Best thing about high school: Teachers and staff. “The academic foundation and education GHHS provides has helped hone my skills, awareness and knowledge pertaining to all the sciences.”

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