Yoga instructor gives tips for busy moms

‘Balance for Busy Moms’ contributor Jacqueline Allen will sign copies of the book May 3 at Mostly Books

Staff writerApril 30, 2014 

When Jacqueline Allen, a yoga instructor in Gig Harbor, contributed a chapter to “Balance for Busy Moms,” she aimed to reach mothers who were struggling to find balance in the midst of chaos.

Now, the book is selling well online and she’ll be signing copies at Mostly Books from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 3.

Allen contributed chapter 25: “Out of Chaos Comes Organization.” It draws on her experience of seeking solace and structure in yoga while balancing life as the mother of four boys.

“In my chapter I talk about being a mother ... and the hectic everyday grind of being a mom,” Allen said.

When Allen, 63, was 38, she and a friend decided to give yoga a try and took a class together.

“It took all the pain out of my body,” Allen said. “Yoga just got me centered and balanced.”

The practice of yoga has taken off in the United States in the past 20 years, Allen said. She was one of the first yoga instructors in Gig Harbor. She also specializes in reiki and other healing arts. She teaches at Arabella’s Landing.

Being a mother is a balancing act. With four boys and nine grandchildren, Allen is well aware of that. But she says that even taking a small break to try some yoga or healing exercises is beneficial to moms and beyond.

“Even if it’s only 20 minutes at home with a video. You don’t have to always do a class,” she said.

Allen was approached to write something by the editor of the volume, Heather Eden, a fellow life coach. Along with other instructors, Allen participates in coaching on the book’s website: The book came out March 23. It is available at and at Mostly Books, 3126 Harborview Drive.

Allen says the yoga and life advice is one more tool for life’s toolbox. She said that each person, over the course of their life, has to create a toolbox.

“We have to develop tools to manage our life,” she said. “And yoga is definitely one of them.”

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