Volunteers lend a hand in cleaning up parks

Helpers bring trash bags and pruning shears to clean up parks on the Key and Gig Harbor peninsulas

Staff writerApril 30, 2014 

Kimberly Bornt, 6, got to put her yard-work skills to good use Saturday at Sehmel Homestead.

“She’s an excellent weed-picker,” her mom, Kelly Bornt, said.

“I dig in the dirt,” Kimberly said proudly, taking a break from stuffing dead fern leaves in a blue Ikea bag.

Kimberly is a Daisy, the level of Girl Scouts before Brownie. She was rounding up clipped ferns and carting them away with Samantha Griffith, 13, also a Girl Scout.

Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, Peninsula Metropolitan Parks, Key Peninsula Parks and the city of Gig Harbor hosted scores of volunteers to pick up trash and beautify the parks.

Parks Appreciation Day is celebrated throughout Pierce County. On this side of the bridge, 15 parks were designated as cleanup sites.

At Purdy Spit County Park, volunteers from Harbor WildWatch oversaw about 18 volunteers who combed the beach for trash. Items such as coffee cups, cigarette butts and candy wrappers that had accumulated on the sand were picked up.

Rachel Easton, a program coordinator for Harbor WildWatch, said the organization feels an ownership of the sandbar.

“We do a fair amount of programs here throughout the year,” she said.

Sand Beal was overseeing Girl Scout Troop No. 40596 in Purdy. It was fun to bring the troop, about eight members, to the beach to help clean.

Beal said she hates seeing trash on the sand.

“For me, any time I go to the beach I pick up garbage,” she said.

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