Lakebay Marina Resort on the mend

Enthusiastic supporters turn out to help save a Key Peninsula icon

Special to the GatewayApril 23, 2014 

An aerial view of the Lakebay Marina Resort under re-development by new owners Mark and Cindy Scott to the delight of Puget Sound yachters and scores of Key Peninsula supporters.


Earlier this month, Mark and Cindy Scott, co-owners of the Lakebay Marina Resort, had a “by contribution only” pancake breakfast with all the trimmings.

It was a fundraiser to help defray unanticipated cost overruns in their efforts to resuscitate the landmark facility. Scores of enthusiastic supporters flocked to the site to help. To the regret of locals and Puget Sound boaters, the marina has lain fallow because of years of neglect.

Among the marina’s many supporters, 13 boats of the Tacoma Power Squadron spent two nights there under the leadership of Commander Tim Craig and his wife, Linda Craig. They joined scads of Key Peninsula citizens at the breakfast. All want the marina brought back to its former glory, a time when it hosted yacht clubs from around the Sound and from Canadian waters. They came for dinners and dances.

“The owners and us put on a nice breakfast to help with the cost of getting this marina going again,” Tim Craig said. My uncle Riney and aunt Bernie owned the marina in the ’60s. Everything here, my uncle put here. My mom, Inez, and aunt Bernie worked in the kitchen and sold breakfasts and lunches to the community. Some of my cousins and neighborhood kids worked the docks and we had gas here, too. I have many great memories of this place.”

“This is a special place,” said Sara Wiyrick, who was with Dustin, Marielle, baby Hattie Wiyrick, and friends Charlie and Heidi Mason with their baby, Rylie. “I’m here because I like it here,” Sara said. “I came here as a kid and I want my kids to know the Lakebay Marina.”

Speaking for 23 members of the visiting Tacoma Power Squadron, Larry and Cindy Warren wrote, “We have been teaching boating education since 1939. Our older boaters always came here and always spoke of the good times and great scenery. Tim (Craig)’s uncle ran the marina. His aunt and mom ran the cafe while all the kids swam and played. The Tacoma Power Squadron has adopted the marina and comes once a year with a work party to help out. Take a look around and you’ll know why we came.”

Cindy Scott wrote, “We held the first fundraiser pancake breakfast for the marina. Breakfast was donations only and all proceeds will be applied to the continuous requirements that the Pierce County Health Department is requiring of us to operate our cafe. Thank you to everyone who came to support us, especially Stan Flemming who has given so much time and support to help us succeed.”

Dennis Stuhaug of Longbranch said, “We’ve been stopping here for 30 years. We need the marina as part of the heart, business and social life of our community.”

“We are so thankful to be supporting the marina eating delicious pancakes,” said Heather James of Tacoma speaking for family members Hana, Cathlee and Ron James. “We are glad you are open for business.”

“When I was a young boy,” wrote Pierce County Council member Stan Flemming, “I used to love spending warm summer days on the Sound down at our marina in Steilacoom. Like Lakebay Marina, it was old and reflective of life along these shores. Lakebay Marina is a local treasure and historic icon in our community. Preserving it is crucial to ensuring a part of our past is preserved for current and future generations. Mark and Cindy Scott have done a superb job capturing the ambiance and spirit of the marina’s life. Now, we need to step up to help ensure that it is preserved. It’s like standing on the 1 yard line in the fourth quarter and they’re in need of a 12th Man rally. It’s our community, our history, and I urge everyone to help cross the goal line.”

“Help support the Lakebay Marina,” said Suzanne Stuhaug. “It is a part of the history of this area and a wonderful place to connect with folks who live on the Key Peninsula.”

Wyatt, Will, Bill and Tina McKail, and Rex Arnett and Elianna Arnold, almost as a chorus, said, “We’re here for the ‘Save the Marina Breakfast’ to help keep the marina open.”

Darin Gilman of Vaughn proclaimed, “I have a great community to live in. Anything I can do to support people who choose to live on the Key Peninsula gives me hope.”

Cindy Scott added, “Without this wonderful community, there would be no us. Please visit us at and like us on Facebook at”

Do that, please. You’ll find a lot of enjoyable events coming soon to the Lakebay Marina.

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