Council must be accountable

April 23, 2014 

A city council is an asset to the community it works for, if in fact it works for that community. The city council has vast powers with great weight and fiduciary duties in administering the affairs of a city but great weight must also be given, and decisions tempered, by the voice of the people. When a council has the appearance that people’s concerns and wishes do not matter, or enacts a moratorium that goes against a referendum approved by a majority, those decisions can appear to border on ruling by fiat. They can also deter involvement in activities vital to the growth and well-being of that city knowing that input will be summarily discarded.

We are reminded weekly by articles in the Gateway that suggest attending council meetings and expressing contrary and opposing views is a fruitless endeavor that would suggest public opinion goes in one ear and out the other of council members. A keener ear by the council to the wishes and needs of Gig Harbor residents needs immediate attention.

An article in the April 2 edition written by Ken Malich is a must read in regards to what matters to and the well-being of Gig Harbor.


Gig Harbor

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