Harbor needs community projects

April 23, 2014 

On March 24, the Gig Harbor City Council learned that Washington state had not funded any community projects. Among those projects, the Ancich project for our local fishing industry, the Harbor Hill Drive extension to alleviate traffic congestion in residential Gig Harbor North, a Frontage Road, perhaps for the new Fred Meyer complex traffic issues and what about the fuel dock?

At the April 14 City Council meeting, the majority of the council voted to spend a minimum of a quarter million dollars for two people to do the same job for seven to eight months.

The city of Gig Harbor has a report showing that no city of our population has an economic development manager or assistant city manager. When it is time for a new city administrator, cities with our population hire someone experienced or they get about a week of training, certainly not seven months.

The local fishing industry brings money to Gig Harbor. A fuel dock brings boaters and money to Gig Harbor. We are going to have big-time traffic issues in Gig Harbor North and Point Fosdick and Olympic Drives with the new Fred Meyer complex.

These are the council members who voted to spend, at least, a quarter of a million dollars for two people doing the same job and ignore economic development in Gig Harbor:

 • Michael Perrow: Up for re-election in 2015

 • Rahna Lovrovich: Up for re-election in 2015

 • Paul Kadzik: Up for re-election in 2017

 • Steve Ekberg: Up for re-election in 2017

 • Casey Arbenz: Up for re-election in 2017

 • Tim Payne: Up for re-election in 2017

 • Mayor Guernsey: Up for re-election in 2017

One council member was brave enough to stand for the public, future and financial interest of Gig Harbor: Ken Malich, up for re-election in 2015.

Let these folks know how you feel.

Citizens for the Preservation of Gig Harbor , Citizens Coming Together to Preserve Gig Harbor Neighborhoods

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