Do we really have choices?

April 23, 2014 

Do we really have choices when it comes to the big-ticket items like health care, employment, housing, inflation, universal conflicts, paying bills and other maybe lesser items?

Yes and no. Yes, we literally don’t have to get involved in paying for health care, don’t have to look for jobs, could choose to live on the streets or with family and choose not to pay our bills, but there are an incredible number of negative consequences.

The other side is that we choose to get involved in all the big ticket items, like most people do, but we have no vote. The politicians that walk the hallways in all the Capitols throughout the United States make our decisions about health care, inflation, worldly conflicts, housing prices, inflation and what is and is not regulated. Every four years, or sometimes every year, the spending gets more expensive, most wages stay the same, except the big bonuses that CEOs give themselves.

Sometimes I get frustrated how the politicians, who make six figures each year, struggle with raising minimum wage and I must admit, it seems pretty minimum. I’m a conservative person, but I doubt I could seriously make all my bills if I was just minimum wage.

Maybe if all I ate was a can of beans (extreme example, I know, but just illustrating what people on a minimum wage can afford) probably do not have a good dietary program. The expensive foods are the healthy foods and the cheap foods are the totally unhealthy foods.

Recently, I had my car worked on, so the power steering would not go out. If the steering went out it could have been very unsafe on the road. It took the mechanic two hours to complete the job and it was $80 an hour for labor. Totally unregulated, but cars must be fixed or you would have accidents on the road or people could not get to work.

Consequently, potentially more deaths on the road and a higher unemployment rate.

So, what do you think, do we really have choices or is it, we have choices, but none to our favor nor flavor? Just look at 2014-2015, see what those politicians bring to us on a plate, more inflation, fewer chances for good health care and probably the housing prices will be upended and nowhere for the average person to really buy, unless we want to be in debt. So, take care of yourself and family, budget wisely because health care, housing, transportation, food and more will just be more to budget for. Believe me, many politicians appear to be for themselves. I hope you care.


Gig Harbor

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