Development hurting community

April 23, 2014 

Regarding the wave of development in Gig Harbor, I think it occurs to many of us that we are destroying what makes the Peninsula and this town such a wonderful and agreeable place to live. The ability to walk in the woods enjoying the habitat and wildlife is fast becoming a memory. The wooded paths off of Peacock Hill Road and Borgen Boulevard are gone and the beautiful area south of Crescent Lake and north of Drummond Drive is currently being logged and trampled. The corner of Stinson Avenue and Grandview was recently stripped as well.

The homes that many of us live in were once in the woods. Naivety and hypocrisy aside, shouldn’t there be limitations to growth or just endless development? This is what we call progress and capitalistic endeavor. This is what we task our best and brightest to create and this is how we choose to live. Isn’t it strange that the pursuit of economic growth requires the destruction of everything that actually grows? When will they come for McCormick Woods? Welcome to Easter Island.


Gig Harbor

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