Shoreline Master Plan proposed modifications is bad science

April 16, 2014 

The current proposal to modify the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is based on one man’s premise that a 1/2 degree change in the temperature of water changes the environment for sea life. This is not “the best available science” as purported. This is VERY BAD SCIENCE.

We have lived on the waterfront of the east side of Gig Harbor Bay for over 20 years. During that time, we have seen the bay freeze over at least twice. From 50 degrees to 30 degrees is a 20 degree temperature change. Even with this dramatic temperature change, the fish still keep coming back to Donkey Creek to spawn. We have also noticed that the barnacles grow faster and bigger in the summertime when the water is warmed by the sun.

The premise of a 1/2 degree temperature change overlooks the fact that sea life (including the fish that spawn in Donkey Creek) is very adaptable to its environment, including changes in temperature. That is why fish are able to be transplanted, something the State Fisheries Department does every year.

Why is the modification to the SMP being applied to all waterfront property?

Why not apply it to just spawning grounds?

Where is the scientific proof that a 300 foot setback is any more effective in reducing water temperature changes than a 50 foot setback?

Is there a provision in the SMP proposed modification to further investigate the effect of a 1/2F change in temperature on sea life?

If at some time in the future, “the best available science” is disproved, is there a provision in the current SMP proposed modification to re-examine ALL the new regulations this VERY BAD SCIENCE has created?


Gig Harbor

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