City should promote what it has with current staffing levels

April 9, 2014 

Re: “Deputy city administrator wasn’t on list of Gig Harbor visioning priorities” (Gateway, April 2).

Thank you, Ken Malich, for speaking out and exhibiting the leadership that is expected from our elected officials in regard to the “deputy city administrator” position

I was in attendance when you raised the question for justification for the position, and also the cost to the city.

At that meeting, I asked the question of why the mayor’s elected position was filled with someone working full-time for an employer outside of Gig Harbor and unable to perform the daily tasks. Is that why the council is requesting this new position?

It frightens me that no regard is given to the financial impact this position will have on the city. Have we recognized the views of the local residents on this and others matters that are being reviewed at this time by the council?

It also frightens me as a resident that we will see our waterfront views vanish because of the development that overtakes what we have enjoyed for many years. Will this attract visitors to the area?

We do not need the Wal-Marts that actually impact the tax base because of their extremely low wages.

Let’s value our small local businesses. Lets promote our small, quaint village and bring it to the top of places in Washington for tourists to visit.

If I remember correctly, Leavenworth was struggling years ago. Its city leaders and the townspeople came together and, wow, history speaks for itself.

Jim Eustace

Gig Harbor

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