Baseball season is here, and we’ve got several ways to enjoy it

April 2, 2014 

It’s that time of year again: baseball is upon us. Sunday night marked the start of the Major League Baseball season — in North America, at least — and Monday brought us a slate of Opening Day games.

There’s something special about the start of baseball season. Not only does it mean we’ll have games to watch almost every day for several months, but it also marks the start of spring and the coming of summer, the start of warm, sunny days and long summer nights.

This time of year, every team is a contender, and the optimism is nearly palpable.

As of today, the Seattle Mariners are in contention for the American League West pennant — although, in a couple months from now, that probably won’t be the case.

Recently, I was talking with a friend who lives in San Diego about how fortunate we are to have MLB teams where we live. Maybe the Mariners have been awful for more than a decade, but they still deserve our support.

Not every city is lucky enough to have a team to root for and a ballpark to attend. And even though the product on the field has been dismal for quite some time, there’s nothing that compares to catching a baseball game on a beautiful summer day with a hot dog and a beverage in your hand.

There are ample opportunities to see baseball in our area. One of my favorite ways is to catch a Mariners game on a Sunday afternoon, when the Sounder Train runs from the Tacoma Dome station all the way to Safeco Field. The tickets are pretty cheap — about $5, if memory serves — and it’s a much more convenient and enjoyable experience than dealing with traffic and parking a mile away from the stadium, and still paying for parking.

If you don’t feel like driving north to Seattle, catch a Tacoma Rainiers game.

In recent years, the Triple-A squad’s talent level has been sadly comparable to that of the Mariners, and the price is right, too — $20 bucks should net you a ticket and a beverage.

So, take your kids, your wife, your husband, or girlfriend or boyfriend, or just catch a game by yourself.

Sitting outside and watching a baseball game is quintessentially American. Seize the opportunity.

Jon Manley: 253-358-4151

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