Lindsey Fleming

Gig Harbor High School senior is a talented artist and top scholar who is dedicated to serving others

Students of DistinctionApril 2, 2014 

Lindsey Fleming has pursued a variety of interests that range from art and choir to volunteer service. She’s also maintained a 3.93 grade-point average and taken Advanced Placement or honors courses, or college classes through the Running Start program.

Fleming’s community service includes teaching children’s Sunday School and leading a children’s worship program at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church. She’s been a Sunday School teacher since she was in seventh grade. Kim Hagey, the church’s Early Childhood director, said kids love Fleming’s fun-loving and outgoing approach.

“The children look up to her and listen intently as she imaginatively teaches Bible stories, sings and shares her own faith with them,” Hagey said.

Fleming said a lot of what she does comes from her faith.

“It helps me get up in the morning and go do things,” she said.

Fleming has been a longtime volunteer for the Gig Harbor Rotary Club’s annual Golferitaville Charity Golf Tournament, and she’s been a volunteer since last year for World Vision. She also helps out whenever she sees a need — anything from photographing a dog for a pet shelter, to calling bingo at a nursing home.

“I see opportunities a lot for little things, and I like to help out when I see an opportunity for the skills I have,” Fleming said.

She has a strong creative side and has pursued choir, painting, photography and creative writing. She plays the piano and taught herself to play the ukulele.

Fleming loves languages — she’s learning French on her own — and she’s been researching travel destinations, making detailed spreadsheets. She hopes to travel and do ministry work later in life.

Fleming does whatever it takes to maintain high grades, including staying up late for homework.

“Lindsey is a thoughtful student who clearly applies her learning beyond the classroom and incorporates real-life applications in her writing,” Tacoma Community College English professor Barbara Krystal said. “She continues to impress me with her unique perspective, clearly substantiated with evidence.”

Fleming plans to attend a private Christian university and study graphic design, and to continue to pursue music. Her dream is to become an art director and play a leadership role.

“I like to think about the layout of things and cool designs,” she said. “When I’m in groups, I tend to take leadership positions, and I feel being an art director is a job where I can be a leader.”

Lindsey Fleming

Category: Community Service

Education: Senior, Gig Harbor High School

GPA: 3.93

Parents: Michael and Leslie Fleming

Activities/achievements: Running Start; Meistersigners section leader; advanced choir; horseback riding; kneeboarding and bodyboarding; Sunday School teacher and children’s worship leader; golf tournament volunteer; World Vision volunteer; painting; creative writing.

Favorite teacher: Wayne Lackman, choir, “because he teaches us students life lessons and makes the choir classroom a friendly environment.”

Best thing about high school: Choir. “Sure, I’ve learned music theory and how to sing better, but I’ve also made lots of close friends, become a happier and more outgoing person, and too much more to write here.”

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