‘Math Rocks!’ event at Harbor Heights Elementary brings out fun in learning

March 26, 2014 

A recent visit to Harbor Heights Elementary School found me in a sea of excited yet serious youngsters who gobbled up “Math Rocks!”

Every time I’m exposed to one of these innovative exercises, I think, “Why didn’t they make learning math fun when I was this age?” I might have learned to count beyond three!

It’s four, isn’t it?

The school’s gymnasium was brightly lit and filled with tables that offered the kids a plethora of math-related challenges.

They loved them all.

“It made doing math, like learning fractions, fun and especially getting the Orca bucks to earn prizes,” second-grader Josh Pelczar said.

Leading the beautifully absorbing program were Harbor Heights elementary PTA volunteers Thea Truttmann, Jenny Schafer and Amy Tingley, each of whom made final adjustments to the Math Rocks’ schedules right up to the starting signal. Nothing was left to chance.

“It was great to see students so enthusiastic about all the different math activities,” event co-chair Thea Truttmann said. “We had a great time watching the students problem-solve and be creative.”

I couldn’t agree more.

“Math Rocks! was great,” second-grader Ryder Truttmann said. “I loved all the games and prizes.”

Kindergartener Charlie Reich declared, “It was pretty cool doing math games for fun ... and also getting prizes for doing math stuff.”

To Jack Reich, a third-grader, “It was fun doing math as games and not as homework.”

When co-chair Amy Tingley asked her daughter Elizabeth, a second-grader, why she wanted to go to “Math Rocks!” she responded, “So I can have fun and learn with my friends.”

Elizabeth’s favorite game was “guess how much sugar.”

“You had to figure out which foods had the most sugar in them,” she said.

And she did!

Hugh McMillan is a longtime freelance writer for The Peninsula Gateway. He can be reached at 253-884-3319 or by email at hmcmnp1000@ centurytel.net.

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