Gig Harbor to move to biennial budgeting

Government: City council approves ordinance to switch budgeting from annual basis

of the GatewayMarch 26, 2014 

The Gig Harbor City Council has adopted a new system for budgeting.

The city will move to a two-year process, as opposed to its annual cycle, and it will update it with a mid-biennium review each year.

Currently, 36 Washington cities operate on a biennial budget cycle. The state Legislature also uses a biennial budget.

“I think the savings to the city ... is going to be significant,” Council member Tim Payne said Monday night.

Meanwhile, Nancy Henderson introduced herself as the new regional representative on the Pierce Transit Board of Directors. Henderson has taken over for former Gig Harbor City Council member Derek Young. She serves on the Steilacoom City Council.

Gig Harbor City Council member Michael Perrow told Henderson he looked forward to speaking with her regarding transit options.

“The routes out here are ... antiquated,” Perrow said. “At some point, we really should consider some of our routes.”

Perrow cited St. Anthony Hospital on Canterwood Boulevard. A major employer in the area, he said it’s not served by a transit route. Perrow had similar concerns about Burnham Drive.

Henderson agreed that routes need to change along with changing development.

“Routes are established, and then development changes, and the needs, therefore, change,” she said.


The city council also had first readings for two ordinances.

An ordinance that would reduce the Gig Harbor Arts Commission from nine members to seven will be brought back on the consent agenda on April 7. The ordinance also would change the meeting requirement for the arts commission from monthly to quarterly.

An ordinance regarding a development agreement amendment on Harbor Hill Drive will have second reading and public hearing April 7. The amendment would allow parcel expansion to support Heron’s Key.

After an executive session, the council also heard a brief presentation regarding the Hospital Benefit Zone.

David Rodenbach, from the city’s finance department, said the work session was a way to provide context to the council regarding the zone.

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