Recommended position would reverse trend

Gig HarborMarch 19, 2014 

Congratulations to Gig Harbor Mayor Jill Guernsey for taking a long overdue step in reversing the neglected downtown business climate.

Millions of dollars have been spent during recent years to protect and preserve precious public parks, lands and waterways. These investments will have short- and long-term significant benefits for our town and its surrounding populations.

But, meanwhile, the downtown business climate has continued to erode and, without a dedicated focus, it is likely to continue to erode.

Guernsey’s recommendation to create a new position of Economic Development manager/Deputy City Administrator is a small but important first step to reverse the economic woes of downtown. It will be a minor investment of funds that will help restore a vibrant downtown, as well as the other business zones in the city.

We all enjoy the parks, open spaces and dedication to the local heritage and history throughout the town. To help pay for these attributes, we need a vibrant town economy.

Let’s support the mayor’s recommendation and hire a professional to focus on the economic opportunities that are being lost every day that goes on.

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