Growing community should fund a growing school district

Fox IslandMarch 12, 2014 

I am writing in regard to two letters about the upcoming levy and bond measures.

One said there is no real recent growth or potential growth in population, thus enrollment in the Peninsula School District. That’s short-sighted and ignorant. You can get in your car and drive around or call the Gig Harbor Planning Department and ask how many residential permits have been requested.

Another letter said the school district has gone out of its way to listen to and appease the Citizens for Responsible School Spending.

According to the CRSS’ website, they must be satisfied, since it states “Because of your participation, a more responsible approach to the issues of the school district will be implemented. We invite you to continue your participation in guiding the future solutions.”

So enough with the rhetoric, and let’s start investing in our kids and our community.

Any seniors who are on fixed incomes can call the Pierce County Auditor’s office, and they will lower your property taxes.

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch has two great quotes that are befitting the current affairs with the Peninsula School District: “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be,” and “Change before you have to.”

And, like Welch, I am a Republican.

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