Newspaper can help with comparative school figures

Raft IslandMarch 12, 2014 

I went to the Peninsula School District website to understand the coming August vote and found nothing current, only past levy pages.

That brings up what is important to me and others when it comes to deciding which way to vote, and how the Gateway can help in getting a grasp on the issues while there is still time to prepare.

The district is fond of displaying comparative levy statistics which are highly influenced by Gig Harbor’s higher home prices and naturally make us sound cheap compared to less fortunate school districts. What is more important to me is the average annual cost of educating a single student in the PSD compared to other districts; perhaps two numbers — one for elementary and one for high school.

Nobody seems to want the taxpayers to know what it costs to educate a child in the PSD and how that compares to other districts. If those statistics are not available within the state, perhaps they should be.

The third piece of information I would like is a comparison of test results between school districts.

With those pieces of information, I and others can judge how the school district is performing and what the cost is compared to neighboring districts.

I will never understand why is it so hard to get that information before the public. I am hopeful the Peninsula Gateway will find a way.

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