Gig Harbor doesn’t need a deputy city administrator

Gig HarborMarch 12, 2014 

On the Gig Harbor City Council agenda on Monday was the first reading of a budget amendment. The mayor asked for $120,000 for a deputy city administrator/economic development manager.

In December, our mayor said an executive assistant was not being requested. This is March. Welcome to a new title.

Currently, there is one person in charge of seeking grants for the city. How many grant writers does Gig Harbor need?

Economic development in Uptown and Gig Harbor North happened extremely well without this $120,000 expenditure. I wonder who did this job in years past?

Our mayor is paid about $10,000 per year. Let’s get one more mayor and save $100,000, or spend it on something the public needs.

Remember that visioning process for downtown? The council wanted public input, so snail mail and email was used. Money was spent on newspaper ads to make sure the public about the meetings.

Once controversial issues were being discussed, the city said it was too expensive to notify the public about when things would be happening. How about this budget amendment?

How about a budget for regular, better notification, for the public good?

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