School board should consider other options than more money

Fox IslandMarch 5, 2014 

At a school levy/bond presentation in January, the Peninsula School District stated that money from the state toward education was used to reinstate a previous teachers’ wage decrease. The state is still in a downturn. Belt tightening should include public employees.

If state money is directed toward teachers instead of ongoing maintenance, then a decision has been made. Spending taxpayers’ money involves choices. The school board as a whole, not just one or two members, should abide by that principle and consider its choices carefully.

Teachers should be compensated per the marketplace, not via partnership with a specific political party. Time off and benefits are greater than the average private-sector worker.

Additionally, support for this proposal centers around the always ubiquitous assertion “it’s for the children.” There’s no definitive study, local or national, that shows correlation between academic achievement and increased spending. Resource allocation should be bereft of emotion.

Parent responsibility for a child’s effort and allowing good teachers to rise in position/compensation and not-so-good ones to fail, as in any non-unionized profession, is what achieves outcomes. Seniority systems are counterproductive.

Voters said no in November. Another funding request disregards that decision.

Citizens for Responsible School Spending forwarded a comprehensive list of options to the board. I ask that the board please consider them instead of constantly asking for more.

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