City council, Planning Commission tweak ‘The Harbor’

Government: Potential parking options for downtown discussed

of the GatewayMarch 5, 2014 

The Gig Harbor City Council and the city’s Planning Commission met Monday night to polish a chapter for the comprehensive plan named “The Harbor.”

The chapter deals with the area defined as downtown Gig Harbor. It mainly runs along the water.

The joint meeting mainly dealt with tweaking the language in the 16 goals in the document.

“I think these goals really do a great job of heading in the right direction,” Mayor Jill Guernsey said. “We’re sitting here tweaking them, but overall, this is great.”

One of the tweaks is the use of the word “local.” One goal is to encourage local businesses, but Guernsey thought the meaning was diluted. If it’s meant to discourage large national chains from moving into the downtown waterfront area, then the document should “come right out and say it,” Guernsey said.

Another topic of discussion was a goal that would allow for a public parking structure. Rick Gagliano said there are two options for parking: A large structure or finding “little pockets.”

He cited the city of Edina, Minn., as having a parking structure that fits in with the architecture of the downtown core. He also pointed to a parking structure on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

There’s got to be execution that fits with the goals, he said. Parking should be available to help bring people in for shopping and events, “but you don’t want it in a place that’s going to be a sore thumb,” he said.

The document will return to the planning commission for finalization. Then it will be recommended to the full city council for adoption.

Before it’s adopted, there will be another opportunity for a public hearing and amendments.

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