Gig Harbor Senior Center not living up to expectations

Gig HarborFebruary 26, 2014 

Until this year, my husband and I had been members of the Gig Harbor Senior Center, which is located inside the Boys & Girls Club from its inception in 2009. However, most regrettably, we chose not to renew our membership this year.

Upon visiting a number of other senior centers in surrounding towns and seeing how much they offered for a very small membership fee, or no membership fee whatsoever, we became more disillusioned with what the Gig Harbor Senior Center was offering for the highest fee of all.

In four years, we still don’t have a phone or phone listing, nor are we even mentioned by the Boys & Girls Club on their phone.

I commend the people who work at the senior center, the director and her assistant, who do the very best they can within the confines of their restrictions. Even then, they are working only half-time in behalf of what remains of our senior center.

How can we possibly grow or prosper when we seem to be Gig Harbor’s best kept secret? We don’t have a van, so there are no opportunities to take trips or transport people who are no longer able to drive, but who are still active and would love to attend and be part of a real senior center. I strongly feel Gig Harbor’s senior citizens deserve a whole lot better than this.

It makes me very sad, indeed, that I can no longer see fit to support or promote something that has lost its gusto from the get-go and seems to be a dead end that leads to nowhere.

Hopefully, one day, there will be a real senior center in Gig Harbor.

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