Developers’ impact fees don’t make up for lack of quality of life

Gig HarborFebruary 5, 2014 

I guess anyone who disagrees with Josh Hannan (Gateway letters, Jan. 22) is a member of the “dark side.” The “American chorus” includes people who disagree with his slant on the school levy issue.

Having lived here most of my life, I have seen this beautiful, small town turned into Federal Way south.Developers have come in and dumped thousands of homes and big-box stores, profited immensely, and they will move happily on to destroy yet another quaint way of life.

Their impact fees do not even come close to mitigating the cost of increased auto traffic, and, yes, thousands of children and their parents who demand the latest and greatest of everything.

Do not make the mistake that brand new shiny schools will translate into “super students.” Look at our academic standing in the world.

Parental involvement at home that includes study time, respect for teachers and proper nutrition are far more important than building more square footage.

The City of Gig Harbor is addicted to development dollars and never says no to developers, and we must live with the consequences.

So, when a majority votes no to never-ending tax increases with a diminished quality of life, I prefer to call them enlightened, not “whispers in the dark.”

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