Despite school levy failure, district faces same problems

Gig HarborFebruary 5, 2014 

In November 2013, a Peninsula School District capital levy by was rejected by a mere 2 percent.

However, the needs have not gone away. There are still issues with overcrowding, safety, technology and deteriorating buildings.

I have attended many of the school board and community meetings on the proposed levy. The attendees have represented those both “for” and “against” it. It’s no secret that the majority of the “for” group are parents, and many “against” are retirees.

I’m curious: How many of those who oppose a levy have stepped foot in our schools recently? They have sinking foundations, crumbling ceilings and inadequate water systems.

Just look around, and you can see the expansion Gig Harbor has experienced in the past decade. Our existing schools cannot accommodate that type of growth.

Our students need to stay competitive where technology is involved. Our current technology in schools is pathetic. Today, school shootings are a sad reality, yet none of our schools has adequate safety measures in place.

Nobody likes to see our taxes go up. Unfortunately, our state doesn’t support education; we must rely on community taxes. Yet it is laughable how little we pay for education in Gig Harbor.

In fact, with the levy increase, my household of four pays more for a dinner at a fast food restaurant than we pay for education for our children per month.

Please support a future levy. We cannot continue to be a community divided. We need to be a community that supports each other.

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