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February 5, 2014 

CHEERS to the Fox Island resident who put the giant 12 in lights on their house. Way to support our Seattle Seahawks!

JEERS to teenage drivers who travel fast and tailgate other vehicles. Don’t pass cars on the way to school. We want to see you make it to graduation.

CHEERS to Jersey Mike’s. While I think their sandwiches are the best, freshest in town, I’m even more impressed by the friendly, courteous, efficient young servers who make them. It’s an absolute joy to stop by there at least once each week.

CHEERS to Jim and Chris, the owners of the Island View Market. As well as providing Kopachuck-area residents with groceries and snacks, they can add puppy rescue to their list of services. When my 3-month-old puppy jumped out the window of my SUV, they took care of her when she walked through the front door of their store. They checked out her minor wounds, comforted her, kept her from roaming busy roads and got us on the phone ASAP.

JEERS to the increasing number of dog lovers who do not pick up after their dogs at the Rotary Bark Park. Come on, folks, it’s not that difficult. They even provide us the bags and the trash bins.

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