Any school-funding measure will be short of November’s option

Gig HarborJanuary 29, 2014 

Peninsula School District Superintendent Chuck Cuzzetto has been requested by the school board to design several new plans for meeting the needs of the district’s schools that would better satisfy the voting public.

He has presented plans which reduce the total impact to the most skeptical taxpayers. None of the plans, however, seem to meet the needs as fully and responsibly as the package that was presented on last November’s ballot.

For a 56-year-old school like Artondale, which has been remodeled several times, the adjusted plans will only end up a short-term solution for a major need. The school has needed to be replaced for several years. Waiting is driving up the costs.

Additionally, delaying construction of a new elementary school at Gig Harbor North will suffer the same results.

The need to help with overcrowding at Purdy Elementary is at a crucial point and will remain so until new classrooms are provided.

In the meantime, a positive step to implement a redistricting plan for the entire school district is being established. That is good, but moving boundaries is always a temporary solution.

All one has to do is drive to Uptown at 2:30 on any afternoon to see that people are not moving out of Gig Harbor. Construction is not waiting. Families are moving in to newly built homes, and retirement villages are multiplying.

We all know why that is. This community is a very desirable area. The city and county are trying to provide services as fast as the tax dollars are collected, and almost every home-and-garden magazine emphasizes this is the place to live.

Schools are an integral part of all this. We attract top teachers. We offer a broad curriculum. Our test results are among the best. We believe our high standards should be maintained.

What can be done to support our community and schools? Become a registered voter, vote for the schools, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

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