Majority of taxpayers would support bond at low rate

Gig HarborJanuary 29, 2014 

Re: “A silent few ... would like anti-school, no-tax agendas to take precedent over needs of Gig Harbor’s children” (Gateway letters, Jan. 22).

In reality, there are many who support children and schools but simply disagree over how to best support them.

Many want complete school spending transparency, improved building maintenance and explore alternate ways to pay for school buildings.

Consider a push for appropriate impact fees on new development, or increasing income levels for exemption from levies and bonds for older, disabled people on fixed incomes.

We all support our schools, but we need to be cognizant of levy and bond impacts on all taxpayers. Expensive building issues should continue to be run as bonds, paid at lower rates over time, rather than a levy with huge short-term property tax increases.

To be fair, a bond requires 60 percent majority to pass because all residents get to vote for bonds, but only property owners pay for bonds. Some pay a lot more than others, are on low, fixed incomes but don’t qualify for levy or bond exemptions on their property taxes.

Most residents don’t mind paying their fair share for appropriate school spending, but they do mind paying the lion’s share.

The majority of taxpayers are likely to support a specific, well-documented bond measure, paid at a lower rate over a longer period. Let’s work together respectfully and openly to understand this issue from all sides, and make it fair and supportive to all.

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