Growing communities need to adequately fund their schools

Gig HarborJanuary 29, 2014 

Gig Harbor has grown substantially the past few years. The result is that we no longer have adequate elementary school space for the students today.

We must build a new school in Gig Harbor. This is our reality.

There have been suggestions to move students around, convert other district space to classrooms or have split school days. None will solve our problem. We need more space, and we need it now.

It has been suggested that maybe more young families will not move into the area, but that is unlikely. Those new families will only add to the overcrowding problem.

I urge the school board to run another levy or bond, or whatever is the best for our community. I promise to be out there on the side of the street, waving signs, knocking on doors, going to concerned groups and speaking. Whatever it takes, please, let’s get a levy or bond passed and fund our public schools the way a growing community should.

If you have an opinion on how the levy should be structured or what should be in a bond, please speak up. Let’s get something figured out as a community.

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