Central Kitsap overpowers Tides' wrestling team

of the GatewayJanuary 23, 2014 

Sophomore Gavin Spadoni earned the lone pin for the Tides in Thursday night's match against Central Kitsap

JON MANLEY — Gateway photo

Central Kitsap had their way with the Gig Harbor Tides wrestling team on Thursday night, winning 66-6 at Gig Harbor High. The lone bright spot for the Tides was sophomore Gavin Spadoni, who earned a pin over the Cougars' Johnny Valenzuela in the third round. Spadoni displayed patience in the first two rounds, wearing down his opponent and earning the third-round pin.

“I'm stronger than most of the guys that wrestle,” Spadoni said. “If I tie up with them, I can get good control of them, and other guys know not to get tied with me, because it's hard to get loose.”

Spadoni said his strategy remained the same as it has all year. He tries to wear his opponents down and then take advantage when fatigue sets in.

“I was trying to wear him down a little bit just so he'd get tired,” Spadoni said. “When I was tied up with him, I was trying to get a single on him, but at the start he was blocking me out. Near the end, he was getting tired and I got the single on him.”

Head coach Leonard Spadoni, Gavin's dad, said the key was to keep it simple.

“He kept the action in front of him,” he said. “He didn't give up his hands. Gavin battles really hard and makes the opponents work for every point they get.”

Gavin Spadoni has placed fourth or better in every invitational Gig Harbor has competed in this year. Coach Spadoni said his success has been earned.

“He's done everything off season to get ready for this,” Leonard Spadoni said. “Some of the kids came in occasionally—Gavin hasn't missed a practice yet, or even an off-season warmup. He's worked really hard to get where he's at right now and it's showing. Everybody he wrestles, the longer the match goes, the more likely he wins.”

Central Kitsap racked up pins all night. Their toughness, Spadoni said, is largely a result of their youth programs. Kids are farther along by the time they get to high school.

“A lot of it is their youth program, it's been going on a long time,” he said. “It's giant, they're part of the Northwest Wrestling club for the youth. There's three different places out here that have full 60 kid rooms, so they keep backfilling their programs.”

Thursday night was senior night for the Tides. The four seniors for the Tides have been the leaders for the last two seasons, as last year's team had no seniors.

“They haven't had a upper class for two years to help them along and take in some of the hits,” Spadoni said. “They've been a very good and respectful team and they're probably the nicest group I've had over the years.”

Gavin Spadoni said the team will learn from the loss.

“It's OK to lose, and just move onto the next one,” he said. “(We will) review what you did well and what you didn't do well and need to work on.”   

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