Senator has eight bills slated for public hearings

Gateway news servicesJanuary 22, 2014 

State Sen. Jan Angel is sponsoring eight bills that were scheduled for public hearings this week.

“Everything seems to happen all at once during short sessions – there is no time to waste with only 60 days to work bills through the system,” Angel, R-Port Orchard, stated in a news release. “But I’m not complaining. I’m pleased that so many of my bills are receiving committee hearings. Let’s have a discussion — that’s all I’m asking.

“Many of these bills clarify or streamline current laws, and often times they give more authority back to the local governments. It’s not a practice of mine to sponsor bills just to sponsor them. My personal checklist says bills need to clean up, clarify or save money.”

The bills include:

 • SB 5995, which would give local municipalities the authority to make decisions about the best type and use of sewage systems in urban growth areas under unusual circumstances.

 • SB 5996, which would allow online learning for students who seek licensing in cosmetology, manicuring, barbering, esthetics and instruction. It also would help students complete their training and secure a job in a timelier manner.

 • SB 5997. Originally a constituent-request bill, it deals with the legal responsibilities of a nonparent. The bill would allow a man to file a court petition to rescind paternity if genetic testing proves he is not the biological father of the child.

 • SB 5998, which would allow “first-class cities” with populations between 10,000 and 400,000 the authority to employ warrant officers under city police department jurisdiction. It was requested by the Bremerton Police Department.

 • SB 6149, which would protect non-emergency Medicaid transportation brokers against fraud and abuse of subcontractors.

 • SB 6317, which would use a stratified random sampling method would to improve the process to determine the prevailing wage rate.

 • SB 6060, which would require water purveyor systems be considered and informed when forming or changing a Growth Management Act plan.

 • SB 6207, which clarifies current law and would protect certain water facilities that charge a moorage facility or boat ramp fee. It was requested by the City of Gig Harbor.

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