Voters should come together to listen to transparent voices

Fox IslandJanuary 22, 2014 

It was suggested at a recent school board meeting that, because the levy and bond discussions are well-attended by active and involved parents, that they are somehow an exercise in “preaching to the choir.”

I think it’s is an apt analogy, but not in the condescending and derisive manner in which the speaker intended.

A choir reflects the very nature of what it means to be an American – “E pluribus unum.” (Out of many, one).

What should concern us is not the music of the choir, but the whispers from the dark.

A silent few have tried to set themselves up as a sort of shadow school board. They would like their anti-schools, no-tax agenda to take precedent over the needs of Gig Harbor’s children.

They cry for transparency from behind doors that are closed to the rest of us. And because their voices are few, they use money to make themselves heard from in the form of misleading signs and non-stop robo-calls.

The school board has the burden of listening to all sides in this debate, but their primary responsibility is to the children of our community. Children who, without voices of their own, rely entirely on their supportive parents and a proactive board to provide them with the best education possible.

When the school board runs another bond or levy, I know the prosperous, well-educated citizens of Gig Harbor will shut out those dark whispers and join in our American choir.

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